01. About

What is accelOtrade?

A FREE, thrilling, fast-paced trading game that lets you compress months and weeks, of up-to-date historical stock data, to minutes and seconds. Gain experience before spending YOUR own dime!


Peek at the market moves of AI traders. Build an Accel-O-Bot (interactive AI) and crush the competition.


Practice trading without risking your money. Take advantage of our trading challenges and code-less strategy builder.


Play trading games against human and AI traders. Create a game as a Game Master or join one with your friends.

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02. Features

What makes accelOtrade STAND OUT?

The online chess game of trading. Built for both beginners and advanced traders, accelOtrade lets you compete against yourself, your friends, or even AI (Artificial Intelligence) in an accelerated market using historical data.

Advance time as fast or as slow as you want, compressing days and weeks to seconds.
Select stocks from a large database (e.g. NYSE, Nasdaq).
Create and back-test strategies without needing any programming experience.
Take advantage of Accelotrade’s trading challenges in Practice mode to hone your skills as a beginner or an advanced trader.
Test your trading skills against major shocks in the stock market with Accelotrade’s trading scenarios.
Extract vital information (e.g., best strategies) to trade high-volatility securities like cryptocurrencies.
Our template investment strategies and machine learning allow our AI traders to make their market moves. Challenge yourself by competing against them (in Play mode) or create your own trade-bots (Battle-Bots) to compete (in Peek mode).
See how AI traders (in Peek mode) trade trending stocks from popular social media networks such as StockTwits or trade them yourself (in Practice and Play mode).
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02. Tournaments

Compete against the BEST

Each week, accelOtrade hosts an in-house game open to all players. The top three traders will win a prize (see below). In order to claim your price, make sure you play as a registered user! Please come back often for updates and information about the next week's game.

The next game will start in:


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Yupoong Five-Panel Classic Trucker Cap. Retail price: $30.31

Second Prize

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Third Prize

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